Aranka Sanderman

ASTO Kitchen Stores

“What ASTO does is about living. So what we sell are not kitchens, but how our kitchens adds to an enjoyable lifestyle”.

Kitchens are the heart of the home and good cooking has become a lifestyle. ASTO has been selling high-end kitchens since 1973. Not only with an eye for functionality and design, but also from the perspective that kitchens are an essential part of your living space and a fundamental addition to your lifestyle.

The family owned business needed rebranding and, in addition, a solid and recognisable brand identity. Moreover showing both its heritage and clean aesthetics. During my position as a graphic designer at Contaínr Affaìrs I designed the complete identity. By adding ‘since 1973’ to their logo, I accentuated the heritage as quality trademark. Their stationery, advertisements and websites are lifestyle orientated because of the distinguished editorial kind of grid that was used.

Agency: Containr Affairs
Identity Design: Aranka Sanderman
Project: ASTO Kitchen Stores
Photography: Aranka Sanderman

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