Aranka Sanderman

Baljon Makelaars Rotterdam

Baljon Makelaars Rotterdam is a story-led real estate agency. For this reason I created, during my position as a graphic designer at Contaínr Affaìrs, the complete brand identity: from stationery items (business cards, custom made envelops, writing paper, compliment cards, folders), broker boards to promotional gift such as champagne bottles. The identity design is minimalistic, timeless and elegant. It is designed to use the complete space within the stationery elements at the bottom of the page, which makes it bold and spacious. The complete grid is based on the logo at the bottom of the page. Which you can see in the layout of the writing paper and invoices.

This minimalistic and bold aesthetic is also translated in the broker board, which only shows the logo and if the house is ‘sold’ or ‘rented out’. In big contrast with typical real estate agencies showing too much information, we do not show any phone number nor website.

Agency: Containr Affairs
Identity Design: Aranka Sanderman
Project: Baljon Makelaars Rotterdam
Photography: Joey van Dongen

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