Aranka Sanderman

Chez Jan

Chez Jan, the number one on a bun.

Chez-Jan is a household name when it comes to hotdogs. The sausage and bun were developed exclusively for the Chez Jan by partnering up with Brandt & Levie’s and Jordy’s Bakery. They serve their delicious hotdogs with their trucks and bars trough-out the whole country.

They needed a new brand identity for their hotdog bars and trucks which embraces both fun and craftsmanship aspects. The identity needs to be the translation from their hotdog bars which embodies the NYC meets French Bistro vibe. This results in a classic monogram logo that I created, during my position as a graphic designer at Contaínr Affaìrs. The logo consists of the letter ‘C’ from Chez Jan and a sausage dog. Their new mascotte: the sausage dog was born.

Besides the logo and trademark, I designed their DIY hotdog box: a box which you can order online or buy in a couple selected supermarkets. The box ensured you can enjoy Chez Jan at home as well.

Agency: Containr Affairs
Identity Design: Aranka Sanderman
Project: Chez Jan
Photography: Joey van Dongen

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