Aranka Sanderman

Flamingo Fruit Company

Flamingo is a house brand of the fruit trade company called FTE Europe. They specialize in a small range of tropical fruits which mainly grow in Latin America, Asia and Africa. Flamingo sells fruits like (premium) mangoes, avocados, figs, limes, ginger, pomegranate and physalis. I designed the complete re-branding during my position as a graphic designer at Contaínr Affaìrs: the logo, fruit stickers, fruit nets, cardboard boxes up to the ripeness guides. In addition I was responsible for the art-direction of the photoshoot.

Competitors that sell tropical fruits are often visualising the cliche image, with an overload of information. For me the goal was to create a fresh, fun and contemporary global fruit brand. Since the brands name Flamingo is very common, I decided to not use the old trademark: the flamingo bird. In order to create a brand that stands out, I only referred to the iconic pink colour.  ‘Company’ was added to the given name to enhance the global trading characteristics.

In contrast to the soft pink colour I used a bold and characteristic font, accompanied by a sans-serif, contemporary typeface for the body text. The typography design and diamond shape touches the old and vintage crafted fruit companies. However, with a modern twist.

Flamingo co. focuses on portraying the ripeness and juiciness on every single piece of fruit which come straight from the fields. This relates to the global quality brand for tropical fruit. Moreover, they are  humble to the labor and dedication that goes into every piece of fruit. The company is serious about the taste and works hard to harvest only the best. Therefore I replaced the flamingo trademark with a symbol that represents these values. Namely a hand that shows a fruit and perfect symbol in one. This symbol is used as a trademark, quality seal and as ‘ready to eat’ and ‘tree ripened’ fruit stickers.

Flamingo has a broad range of package designs in a variety of sizes. Therefore I chose to design all the packages in one colour to ensure uniformity. This makes the brand premium, colourful, fresh, fun and iconic compared to the range of competitors. Another benefit of working together with FTE Europe is the chance to reduce the use of plastic by only using cardboard packaging materials.

Flamingo co. harvests the original taste of tropical fruit.

Agency: Containr Affairs
Identity Design: Aranka Sanderman
Project: Flamingo, FTE Europe
Photography: Mees van den Eckart
Art-Direction: Aranka Sanderman

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