Aranka Sanderman

Super Wild Coffee

For Super Wild Coffee I created a complete brand identity from scratch. I started creating this brand with the vision hospitality is about having fun and not taking yourself too seriously. This is shown in the poodleproof concept, the design of the restaurant and the quirky logo I designed, the complete opposite of wild: a poodle. This trademark of the poodle refers, subtle, to the brand its French origin and something everyone forgets, the poodle its origin: a hunting dog.

The brand identity shows the contrast between this high class chic image of the poodle and the wild side of the brand. By, for example, using rough materials combined with a golden edge, emaille mugs combined chic crockery, a wild interior design combined with fun and chic indoor communication. Next to the crockery, communication and signing, I also created the graphic design for the packaging such as paper cups, bags and wrapping-papers. These packaging items are all including small, fun lines like: ’the bite is better than the bark’, ‘no tail between your legs’ and ‘don’t let it go to the dogs’. On the soup mugs is written ‘down boy, drink’. Also the design I created for the range of merchandising materials such as postcards, poodle cufflinks, key tags and tote bags are in line with the brand identity.


The first Super Wild Coffee cafes opened in Tour Egée Paris and Versaille Chantiers. Other coffeehouses opened in Gare du Nord Paris, Porte de Versailles and Fuerteventura Spain.

The photo shoot and different drinks explained: the inspiration for this shoot was to connect the different coffees that Super Wild Coffee is selling to a matching poodle. The image below represents the six photo shoots of the poodles and respectively the corresponding explanations:


Teas: distinguished wild

Espresso: pure black aggression

Speciality drinks: best in show

Hot chocolate: sit up and beg

Mochas: no machos

Milky drinks: extra fluffy

Client: Puresang
Art Direction: Aranka Sanderman
Concept: Aranka Sanderman
Copywriting: Justine Harcourt de Tourville
Identity Design: Aranka Sanderman
Photography: Frank Gielen
Project: Super Wild Coffee

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