Aranka Sanderman

Hotel Supernova Rotterdam

Award Winning Design For Best Hotel Design 2019

During my position as a graphic designer at Contaínr Affaìrs I was responsible for the branding and art direction of the interior design of Hotel Supernova Rotterdam. The concept for the identity is the burst of supernova, translated in graphic elements, such as the neon in the hallway, the playful pattern on the carpet and the burst on the envelopes. It shows the rawness of Rotterdam and its beautiful colourful neighbourhood de Kruiskade as well as the elegant boutique hotel feeling.

Another important element of the identity is the block logo. It is designed to highlight each area of the hotel and shows cleverly three logo’s in one:

Supernova: Hotel

Supper: Bar & Bites

Superette: Shop

Each of these areas in the hotel are divided by vivid colours from out of space, by using color blocking and ton-sur-ton combinations. This is translated in the stationery and signage as well.


Agency: Contaínr Affaìrs
Identity Design: Aranka Sanderman
Architecture: Zondervan
Photography: PION, Titia Hahne

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